Umbrella Insurance

If you are in New Jersey, you are lucky. Risk Reduction Plus Group, Inc. has an umbrella insurance policy that is just right for you. If you are unfamiliar with umbrella insurance, this is a type of insurance that is basically additionally liability insurance. This type of insurance has been designed in such a way that it protects you from major claims and even lawsuits and because of this, it also helps to keep your assets and even your future protected. There are two ways in which it does this:

  1. Umbrella insurance provides extra liability coverage that is over and above the limits of your boat, auto and/or homeowner's insurance policies. This additional protection has been designed to kick in after you have exhausted the limits of your other policies.
  2. This type of insurance gives you coverage for any claims that might for some reason be excluded by your other types of insurance policies. That can include things like: false arrest, liability coverage for any rental properties you might own, slander and libel.

So What Does it Cover?

If you are still a little fuzzy on what this type of insurance covers, let's get a bit more into it. Umbrella insurance policies can provide coverage for things like:

  • Certain personal liability situations
  • Certain types of lawsuits and the legal fees associated with them
  • Damage to property
  • Injuries

While you might already have everything covered with other policies, umbrella insurance is what comes into play once the limits of your other policies have been reached - thereby making sure that your assets - bank accounts, property, retirement funds and accounts, etc. - are left alone. This ensures that the future that you have worked so hard for will be safe.

Call or come by Risk Reduction Plus Group, Inc. today to get a quote for your umbrella insurance policy.