Recreational Insurance

You don't need the hassle of organizing things like hotel rooms, rental cars and flights. That is why you got an RV, so that when you are ready to hit the road, you can. Luckily for people in New Jersey, Risk Reduction Group Inc. offers you the RV insurance that you need.

It is More than a Vehicle, It is a Lifestyle

People who drive RVs find themselves in situations that are simply unique to living on the road. With that in mind, we offer RV insurance that can include:

  • Total loss replacement - this provides you with a new RV that is comparably equipped as the one you have if it gets totaled. If the RV is an older model, it can go on a cash value basis.
  • Replacement cost for personal items - If you lost personal items in a covered loss, this can cover the cost to replace them.
  • Vacation liability - If you are the cause of any property or personal damage at the site of your vacation, this can cover those costs.
  • Emergency expense coverage - This is what you will need in order to have your hotel and transportation expenses covered when you have a covered loss.

These are just a few of the RV insurance coverages that you can get.

There are all different types of RVs and it helps to know which one you have. Is it a Type A motorhome or a van camper (Type B)? Maybe you even have a mini motor home - Type C. There are also towable RVs that include truck campers, folding camper trailers, travel trailers that have extendable ends, fifth wheel trailers and conventional travel trailers.

Regardless of the type of RV you have, Risk Reduction Group Inc has a policy for you. Call or come by today for your quote.