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Marion McCabe

Hi Tyler!

Thank you for the newsletter; I enjoyed reading it and seeing another success story !

Here's mine:

In 2008 my flood insurance through Allstate started at $2300.00 per year. It increased slightly every year until Hurricane Sandy. After that it has gone up about $1,000 each year. I received this year's Allstate invoice in September (expiration was 10/31) and the premium was $ 5200. I was I going to afford living at my house if this premium kept increasing?

As fate would have it, around that same time a pamphlet from your company was left on my front gate advising me of a meeting in Avalon. I signed up to attend and took my elevation certificate with me. At the meeting I was told I could reduce my premium to $899 per year if I had 8 Smart Vents installed.

Timing is everything. My Allstate policy was ready to expire and I had time to get the new vents installed. It was a no brainer! Even when my mortgage is paid off I will continue to pay for flood insurance through your company since it is such an affordable cost. Of course, I would love to ask Allstate if they know about Smart Vents and, if so, why didn't they tell me so that my premium could be lowered ...but I guess that's a no brainer too! I wasn't even interested to learn what their premium would be once I had the vents installed. I was already sold with your company. Thank you isn't enough to express my gratitude to you and your company.

Marion McCabe
DelHaven, NJ