Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance from Risk Reduction Plus Group Inc. provides protection for your business, whether you seek to insure your company building from loss against fire, theft, and vandalism or ensure your employees are protected when they are injured on the job. Our knowledgeable agents look forward to discussing your exact needs and putting together a policy that works for you and your budget.

In Case Of Disaster

Protect your property in case of damage from severe weather, fire, and destruction by criminals. Make sure you will be able to rebuild when the unthinkable destroys the building in which you conduct business. Don't start all over again, instead continue to grow even through difficult times.

Commercial Auto for Company Vehicles

Your offices are not the only things that help you run your company. Delivery vans, survey vehicles, distribution trucks and security cars all make your business run smoothly. Protect them from loss while being driven by your employees. Personal auto insurance won't provide the right kinds of coverage. Check with your agent about adding auto to your commercial insurance policy.

Stay in Business in Times of Need

Construction or catastrophic damage to the infrastructure surrounding your business can stop your customers from reaching your doors. When the city streets are ripped up for repair, your insurance policy can provide cash needed to meet your obligations to vendors and patron while suffering through an inability to operate.

Protect Your Employees

Check with your agent and make sure you have adequate liability coverage for those times when a worker gets injured on the job. Ensure they can receive the right medical care and return to work as soon as possible, allowing both the business and your staff to continue to profit.

The independent agents at Risk Reduction Plus Group Inc. have all the commercial products you need to protect the future of your company. To find out more, give them a call today.