Risk Reduction Plus Group

When Risk Reduction Plus Group Inc. (RRPG) opened, flood insurance was the only product that was offered. Partnering with The Flood Risk Evaluator, a service which enables customers to qualify for the lowest flood insurance premium possible, we have helped customers save over $1 million in flood insurance premiums.

We are here to help protect what matters most, and want to help customers save even more! Now through partnership with numerous carriers, Risk Reduction Plus Group (RRPG) not only offers Flood Insurance, but can help customers receive the best coverage for the lowest premium on 
all lines of:
• Personal and Commercial Insurance,
• Auto Insurance, 
• Homeowners, 
• Recreational Insurance, 
• Liability, 
• and Umbrella Insurance. 

Our team is here to help you protect what matters most!

Andrew Farrell Joshua Reuter, CFM Tyler Ardron, CFM Kiran Khan
Insurance Producer

Senior Underwriter &
Residential Plans Review Specialist 
Lead Insurance Producer

Customer Service Representative